X-Wing Regional at Atomic Games Manitowoc, WI – 06/08/2013 – By Ryan “Picasso”Krippendorf

First off, great event, had a great time and the competition was crazy good.

Here is what I flew and an account of my games.

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A Little More Wave 3

A quick update to the X-Wing Wave 3 spoiler page with a couple more upgrade cards. See them below and check out the full set of spoilers HERE.

recon-specialist fire-control-system

Let’s Reflect on Wave 3

For those of you that attended the Star Wars Weekend Regional hosted by Fantasy Flight, please take a moment and CONTRIBUTE your X-Wing Squads, LCG deck lists, and tournament reports! While we wait for players to share their weekend experience, let’s all take a moment to express our Wave 3 opinions in the form of a multiple choice exam.

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