SWCG is Alive and Well. Just Sleepy. Hey, Look! New Spoilers!

My Summer siesta is over (and by siesta I mean I’ve been busy as f*ck and have been forced to neglect my website duties). Let’s get back into it with some new spoilers for both X-Wing Wave 3 and Star Wars LCG Assault on Echo Base!

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Add Your Regular Meetups and League Events to the Player Locator!

I’m not sure why I didn’t decide to do this earlier, but I’m going to begin adding any regular local events and league meetups to the PLAYER LOCATOR. This way new players that stumble upon the map will have an easier way to find venues that host weekly/monthly Star Wars days. If you are the host or a participant in a regular event, fill out the form below! Be sure to check the map as well to make sure nobody else has already listed the event. I’ll do my best to sift out duplicates assuming this feature gets used!

The form below requires all the necessary information to ensure any players searching know what game the event is for, what kind of event it is, where it’s located, and can get more information from either a shop website or Facebook group etc. I’ve posted an example on the map using Chicago’s Dice Dojo weekly Saturday meetups for X-Wing and Star Wars LCG.

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All Quiet on the Midwestern Front

SWCG has been in a bit of lull as of late as I prepare for the upcoming Star Wars LCG regional in Chicago. Expect a mondo-update in the days following the 18th as I’ll be posting a hefty amount – results, deck lists, and a detailed report (perhaps even some finals video as well).

This lull comes after a HUGE week for the site where traffic exploded due to the X-Wing Wave 3 reveal. As far as I know, SWCG was the first site on the intertubes to break the news to the general public (much thanks to the generosity of Ryan “Picasso” Krippendorf for sending the news the moment it was revealed at Star Wars Weekend). I genuinely appreciate the support from everyone and I hope that you keep checking back – I want this site to become a valuable resource for the latest news, strategy, and for finding other players.

I’ve got some ideas is the works for new content on the way (including possible video projects and interviews like this one with artist and illustrator, Tony Foti), but I’d really like to start filling up the site with stuff from the community. With all of the recent and upcoming regional activity, SWCG is looking for tournament reports, deck/squad lists, and strategy articles. Share your ideas and experiences with the LCG/X-Wing gaming communities by clicking on the CONTRIBUTE link above. Or you can just click the word CONTRIBUTE right here. See. CONTRIBUTE. Click it. It works. CONTRIBUTE.

Send in anything and everything you’re willing to share about the games. I’d like SWCG to have an easy-access library of information for new and veteran players alike. Any support would be greatly appreciated.

Wave 3 Ships Announced!

Finally we know. The next wave of X-Wing Miniatures ships will include: TIE Bomber, B-Wing, Lambda-class Shuttle, and the Moldy Crow (HWK-290) (an EU ship from Dark Forces). It turns out most of the speculation was correct – all except the Moldy Crow – which is a great call by FFG. I suppose now we can all start speculating about stats, pilots, and upgrades now. Thanks to Ryan “Picasso” Krippendorf for sending this information to SWCG immediately after it was revealed.

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