Add Your Regular Meetups and League Events to the Player Locator!

I’m not sure why I didn’t decide to do this earlier, but I’m going to begin adding any regular local events and league meetups to the PLAYER LOCATOR. This way new players that stumble upon the map will have an easier way to find venues that host weekly/monthly Star Wars days. If you are the host or a participant in a regular event, fill out the form below! Be sure to check the map as well to make sure nobody else has already listed the event. I’ll do my best to sift out duplicates assuming this feature gets used!

The form below requires all the necessary information to ensure any players searching know what game the event is for, what kind of event it is, where it’s located, and can get more information from either a shop website or Facebook group etc. I’ve posted an example on the map using Chicago’s Dice Dojo weekly Saturday meetups for X-Wing and Star Wars LCG.


By Rebby Posted in News

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